Massage. . .Bringing you back to balance

Massage in general will help increase blood and oxygen flow, relax musscles, help relieve tension, flush toxins, and enhance muscle recovery.



A full body, more gentle and relaxing form of massage, using slow flowing movement that may be ideal for those who are not in serious muscle discomfort and just want to relax and de-stress.


This massage is more appropriate for those prefer a stronger hand.  It is a more therapeutic form of massage focusing on specific areas of tension for people who suffer from chronic muscle problems and pains due to injury or overuse.


30 min


60 min




90 min




120 min




Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Therapy

Pregnancy Massage








compliment your massage with . . .

Deep Heat Treatment 

Karma's Capsicum Lotion is massaged into the skin for a deep penetrating heat that helps alleviate muscle pains, spasm and soreness.

Sugar Foot Scrub 

Shea Butter & Sugar are used to exfoliate, then wrapped in warm steam towels to infuse the moisture into the skin.  Followed by a light foot massage.

Salt Glow Body Polish   (45 minutes)
We begin with a warmed aromatherapy oil and dead sea salt application.  After an invigorating exfoliation, the body is draped in salt soaked steam towels and cocooned with heated blankets.  This heat process encourages pores to expand and help the skin to soak up all the detoxifying minerals of the salt.  Dead sea salt aids in increased blood flow, hydration and softening of the skin, reduced inflammation in the muscles and skin tissues as well as providing anti-microbial benefit for bacteria free skin and reduced itchiness.  The end result is; softer, smoother skin and promotion of new skin cell regeneration for skin that appears younger and more firm.